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Lifter tick trickery is very common on Miatas. You can just google something about them and you'll find a lot on it. Typically it's not a bad problem but the way to fix is to take them out and I think fill them with oil again don't quote me. If you are looking for a solution, that will not only get rid of that awful lifter noise in your engine but also improve the performance of your car as well, look no further than Liquid Moly Hydraulic Lifter Additive. This is one of the best oil additives for lifter noise due.

12/02/2013 · Some people fix the tick by going thicker, some people fix it by going thinner. Some people have a cold tick and some have a hot tick. Just use whatever works best, if the thinner oil work I don't see why you wouldn't keep using it. I've never used anything other than 10w30 in my cars though, the ATF flush followed by clean oil helped a lot for me. People will suggest that she replace her lifters the older miata’s all have this problem and there are replacement lifters that fix it. That would be money down the drain, when a $5 addition of some oil additives would solve the problem. Well it might solve the ticking, but the problem is still there. Mazda Miata MX-5 Ticking Noise From Valve Lash Adjusters Due to Infrequent Oil Changes - 52 reports. Learn about this problem, why it occurs, and how to fix it. Didn't watch the vid but everyone else is saying lifter tick and I'd agree. Look up "Miata hydraulic lifters" to see a diagram of how they work and find videos of how to disassemble and clean them. The problem is oil has an easy way in, but not out, so sludge accumulates inside by about 100k miles.

Help! I have a valve tick on my 91 1.6 Miata! So the tick started only on cold starts, and went away as soon as the engine finished starting and going into idle. HLA, basically adjustable valve lifter, that fill with oil and adjust the gap beween the cam and lifter. 1991 miata 1.6L.is it lifter tick? self.Cartalk submitted 3 years ago by [deleted] Hey cartalk, I'm back again for my 91 miata, with 1.6L engine, 195k on the clock. Usually she runs smooth as a whistle, and today is no exception. The only fix is to pull the lifters and thoroughly clean them. How to Quiet the Lifters on Startup by Dan Ferrell Vehicle lifter noise on start-up may be caused by several factors, depending on the type of oil filter, oil, lubrication system, mileage, mechanical condition and even required adjustments of your vehicle.

27/12/2007 · A Can-O-Fix-A-Lot will not help, do not waste your money on lotions and potions. You have to pull the intake manifold out and fix the lifter. That is the Right and Proper way to fix it. I heard from Tranny Fluid to Restore to STP and I used it on a 350 Chevy with a ticking valve lifter. The Real Fix is to take it apart and get to it. Some Miata owners report switching to a heavier oil like 20W50 to stop the noise. additionally, some owners report switching to a synthetic oil such as Amsoil or Redline to alleviate the noises. A3: When lifter noise is not cured by switching oil weights another option is available. How to Cure a Sticky Lifter or Stuck Valve by Chris Stevenson. Valves and lifters function as part of a vehicle's valve system. Valves open and close, allowing compression for the power stroke and the release of exhaust gases.

The MiataMods YouTube channel consists of Miata how-to videos and vlogs. The how-to videos are instructional videos on how to work on your Miata and my vlogs. Came to agree here. You can change the oild daily and the tick will never go away. Your engine has solid lifters, not the adjustable ones HLA. The only way to silence these solid lifters is to add or replace the shims on each lifter. No need to replace the engine; it's a tedious job, but faster and cheaper than finding another 1.8 without. In order to replace the valve lifters on the engine it requires removing the intake manifold and cylinder heads to gain access to the lifters and lifter guides. This kind of job calls for a minimum of at least 10 hours of labor, plus the cost of parts. It may even take longer depending on any problems encountered. I need some help guys. My 1.6 is making what sounds like the ever prevalent lifter tick. But I'm worried it may be rod knock. Is there a way I can.

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